West Baton Rouge Parish—204 square miles of lively neighborhoods where 24,000 residents are proud to call home—is small but ever so mighty. We have become a dynamic place to live, work and do business. We hope this section will be valuable for those conducting business in the Parish and for those contemplating relocating to our area.

More and more, we see a strong interest in the industrial, residential and retail growth of our community. Due to our easy access to the main Baton Rouge corridor and other modes of transportation, many residents and business owners have found West Baton Rouge to be an affordable and exceptional location for purchasing a home or establishing a business. It has never been more exciting than RIGHT NOW to be invested in our Parish!

We are proud to serve as the economic development extension of our Parish and as the advocate for the business community. We offer marketing, networking and professional development opportunities to businesses both large and small. If you’d like to know more about what our Chamber of Parish can do for you, or if we can just answer a question about our great community, call us at (225) 383-3140.

On behalf of the entire Chamber, we extend a warm welcome if you are new or just visiting. We hope you decide to kick off your shoes and stay a while!

Economic Development

This last year was a banner year for the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce and West Baton Rouge Parish, and we know 2016 will be just as fruitful. Our parish is representative of a true coalition of the parish government, local municipalities, school board, the West Baton Rouge Chamber as well as numerous civic and business groups.


On the local level, West Baton Rouge Parish is governed by a parish council with President Riley Berthelot, Jr. at the helm. More about the Parish Council can be found here –

Quality of Life

Welcome to West Baton Rouge Parish, located on the west bank of the mighty Mississippi River and enriched with alluvial soils making the region prosperous in farm land, industry and water traffic. This parish, where 24,000 are proud to call home, is 204 square miles abundant with vibrant communities.


On the education front, West Baton Rouge Parish School Superintendent Wes Watts is bringing needed attention to our schools, and he is personally focused on each individual student. “No child left behind” should be his motto when he explains his plan for the future of our school system.