WBR Small Business Council

Mission Statement

The Small Business Council is designed to elevate the voice of small business owners, as well as engage, invigorate and inspire members to continue building and growing their businesses.


The vision of the small business council is to assist local small business owners and employees in creating effective grassroots actions, tools, strategies and best practices to help small businesses successfully compete in today’s rapidly changing economy.

Small Business Council Board Members:

Chelsey Blankenship SoSis Chair
Kayla Boone Nutrition West Co-Chair
Bridget Easley Easley Builders Chamber Board Representative
Kristi Chauvin Studio Too Extravaganza Chair
Annie Claire Bass SoSis Extravaganza Co-Chair
Paula Clayton CC’s Coffee House Extravaganza General Volunteer
Alyse Boulanger Mingle Communications Chair
Heidi Berthelot Twisted Oak Membership Chair
Lindsey Fourroux Brian’s Furniture Finance Chair
Melissa Gulotta Mary Kay Coffee & Conversation Chair
Angela Decoteau Decoteau Co. Coffee & Conversation Co-Chair
Stacie Keller Bella Grace Small Business Saturday Chair
Emily Courtarde The Style Bar Small Business Saturday Co-Chair
Scarlett Theriot WBR Chamber of Commerce WBR Restaurant Week Chair
Kristy Hammack Court Street Café WBR Restaurant Week Co-Chair
Paula Bernard Western Southern Life Isurance Company WBR Restaurant Week Vendor Lead

How To Join:

To become a member of the small business council committee, you must join the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce and elect to join the council committee. In order to be considered a member of this council, a small business must be comprised of owners whose employee size range from the self-employed up to 19 employees.

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