Get involved! Membership in the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce is your foothold to connect with other business professionals and become more involved in the community. Experience the rewards of volunteering and help make the community where you live and work a better place by joining one of our committees! Chamber Committees are OPEN to participation by Chamber Members and their representatives. The activities of our Chamber are carried out at the committee level, making Chamber committees an essential component to the Chamber’s work of accomplishing our mission statement. Each committee allows for different levels of participation. Find your fit!

Chamber Ambassadors

Sharon Oubre-Williams, Chair

The purpose of this program is to enhance the visibility of and promote general membership in the Chamber. Ambassadors serve as the public relations arm by developing a two-way communication between themselves and the membership. They assist in the critical role of membership retention by calling on members to update them on current activities and special events as well as asking how the Chamber can better serve them. Chamber Ambassadors are our boots on the ground!

Education / Workforce Committee

Mary Arrasmith, Chair

Toni Meyer, Vice Chair

The Education & Workforce Development Committee is active in all levels of educational attainment from Pre-K to college. It works closely with the West Baton Rouge Parish School officials and the business community to promote meaningful quality education and workforce opportunities for our students. This committee also spearheads programs in career and tech education so that our incoming workforce’s skills are aligned with our current employers’ needs.

Events Committee

Sandra Hughes, Chair

This extremely active committee coordinates all Chamber signature events, such as: Annual Chamber Banquet & Silent Auction, Annual Membership Appreciation Event, Annual Chamber Golf Classic, and many more. They provide members with quality and well-managed event offering opportunities for sponsorships, showcasing their businesses, connecting with other professionals while enjoying the camaraderie West Baton Rouge exudes.

Governmental Affairs Committee

Scott Gaudin, Chair

Patrick Hobbins, Vice Chair

The Governmental Affairs Committee proactively monitors business-related legislation and issues at the local, state and federal levels and measures the impact on our business community. Help represent the Chamber’s Membership as a collective voice for business through advocacy.


Economic Development Committee

Chris Reeves, Chair

The Economic Development Committee is responsible for leading the Chamber’s efforts in accomplishing action items in the West Baton Rouge Parish’s Strategic Plan and recently adopted Master Retail Plan. It also has its ears to the ground on possible economic development initiatives in our community, as well as formulating ideas of our own to expand, retain, attract, and improve the overall business climate.


Communications Committee

Brittany Weaver, Chair

The Communications Committee is essentially the face and voice of the Chamber. These marketing gurus assist with the Chamber brand, develop the marketing and communications plan, as well as keeping up with social media trends.

Small Business Council

Mission Statement

The Small Business Council is designed to elevate the voice of small business owners, as well as engage, invigorate and inspire members to continue building and growing their businesses.


The vision of the small business council is to assist local small business owners and employees in creating effective grassroots actions, tools, strategies and best practices to help small businesses successfully compete in today’s rapidly changing economy.